Counselling and Arts Based Therapy

is a mental health and wellness initiative that provides Counselling and 
Arts Based Therapy 
for individuals, couples and families. 

About Us

What is Counselling and Arts-Based Therapy?
Counselling is a process of talking with a professional about how you are feeling and using that process to try to work through, or change, the factors that are causing distress.
Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) is the use of art forms to accomplish individual goals with a trained therapist. Counselling and ABT can help individuals work on personal goals related to growth and wellness, sexuality and identity, coping with an illness or care-giving, dealing with conflict and relationship issues.

Who provides Counselling and ABT at ARTH?
Dr. Nivedita Chalill has been working in the area of mental health for over 15 years as a social worker and counsellor. She has a Ph.D in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences; and has trained in ABT at the World Centre for Creative Learning Foundation, Pune.