Counselling and Arts Based Therapy


The teachings have really brought me to understand the heart mantra - to keep going ahead. The meditation practice has been so wonderful.  It’s just taught me to recognise my conditioning, to learn true patience and strive for compassion in all situations.  I am learning to create a space for myself... and follow my intentions.
- Nisha Kopikar 

I enrolled for this course... But as days and months passed by into this course I could actually witness myself behaving differently in difficult situations with extreme calmness. That's where I realised the magic of this course - The Applied Buddhist psychology. It made me connect to my innate Buddha nature and breaking that 'I' into small pieces and joining it to 'WE'.  Thank you for guiding me for this wonderful course. 

- Avani N. Vakharia



As a scholar and professional in the development sector, this course made me realise, at a very gut level, that in order to affect change in the world or be of help to someone else, I first of all need to forge a deeper connection with myself. It has given me a visceral understanding of important concepts such as dependent origination, interdependence, compassion, everyday secular ethics and boddhichitta - that have put me on a path of personal practice that I desperately needed. I liked the comprehensiveness of the course in terms of concepts covered and the pedagogy adopted - suited to make adults converse, learn and adhere in a comfortable manner.  
- Maggie Paul (Research scholar, TISS and Research and Training Consultant, Population First)